David Thompson House

David Thompson CottageDear Friends and Friends of Friends:

Thanks to the Friends for passing the permission to dedicate funds toward salaried support of the Welsh Cottage area (the mythical 100 yard radius) . It is looking rather remarkable these days.

Sherrie has done a great job with the planters, the Peonies have benefited from being lifted and weeded heavily,  Plot 12 has been renovated (from an earlier soil gift from FOG Рthanks) and has a great colour display.

The troublesome geese have been fenced out of Plot 12.

Additional turf has been installed at the walk up to the cottage. Durable metal recycling and trash bins have been placed on the porch to eliminate litter in the area.

The Heritage Garden is being used for plant holding this year but will eventually be returned to vegetable demonstration.

On a separate note, we also did extensive fence repairs behind the cottage as we move toward moose proofing.

While the rain has been a blessing, it has meant extensive mowing by the grounds crew but they have kept up in the cottage area.

Dr Lee Foote – Director of Devonian Botanic Garden