Japanese Tea Walk With Us

On June 11, the Board of the Friends of the Garden hosted a Japanese tea and tour in the Japanese Gardens at the University of Alberta Botanic Garden.  The day was a bit drizzly but that didn’t stop the enthusiastic crowd from enjoying themselves.  Our expert tour guide, Hailey, took us through the beautiful garden and pointed out various items of interest and explained what makes it a Japanese garden.  Some of us rang the bell and also one guest stood inside of it while it was rung!  We made our way over to the Ikoi no ba teahouse where we changed places with the other group and enjoyed the traditional Ryurei style tea ceremony.  The educational presentation was excellent and the Japanese ladies had lovely personalities and were very knowledgeable.  The Friends will definitely offer this event again as no one should miss such a great experience.  Hope to see you on the next Walk With Us July 30th!