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Friends of the University of Alberta Devonian Botanic Garden

Minutes of the 47th Annual General Meeting

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Ikoi No Ba, University of Alberta Botanic Garden


Board Members –Gwen Holland, Ieuan Evans, Diane Bell, Lynn Bellamy, Lee Foote, Bruce Dancik, Nicole Bedard, Karen Raboud

  • Fog Staff – Dana Wallace
  • Members of Friends –Keith Hussen, Connie Prentice, Rose Bendfeld, Jehne Morse, Larry Holland, Eric Koroluk, Linda Thomas, Marie MacLean, Della Paradis, Nicole Stratton, Nicole Mongrain
  • Guests – Pat McKendrick, Jocelyne Fujinaga
      1. Call to Order – Gwen Holland, President, called the meeting to order at 1:05 pm.
      2. Adoption of Agenda – moved by Bruce Dancik, 2nd by Lynn Bellamy
      3. Adoption of Previous Minutes – moved by Diane Bell, 2nd by Lee Foote
      4.  2017 Financial Statements – The Treasurer, Karen Raboud reviewed the Financial Statements for 2017. Moved to accept by Nicole Bedard.
      5. Bylaw Change Vote – Moved by Bruce Dancik to accept the bylaw changes as on the Special Amendment, 2nd by Lynn Bellamy.
      6. President’s Report – Thank you everyone for coming today to help us close another year while embarking on a new one. The opening of the Aka Khan Garden signifies a new chapter for the University of Alberta Botanic Garden and the Friends will be part of that journey. As you know, the Friends raises money from membership fees, donations, grants such as the Edmonton Community trust fund and casinos. In the past year we have been able to contribute $53,410 to the garden. This varies in the purchase of items such as a zero turn mower, a leaf picker upper to a chainsaw. We have also provided the funds for a new entrance to the Alpine Garden and enhancement of the area around the David Thompson house. We have supplied benches for the new greenhouse as well as funds to repair the tents that were destroyed in a storm. The Friends will be celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2021 and to mark that occasion we have undertaken the replacement of the Imrie walkway. The cost will be between $120,000 and $150,000. To date we have set aside approximately $76,000 toward the walkway. This past year we received $75,875.83 from the casino held last spring. We have permission to save $38000 for the walkway with the rest going to projects at the garden. To date we have approved $4500.00 for an interpretive cart and $15,000 for additional golf carts. We have also received $5000 from the Lily society which will be used to improve the gardens in preparation for bulbs to be donated by the same society. $2000 donated by the Welsh society will be used for a Potager Garden (vegetable) by the Welsh house. The Friends are also contributing $5000 for signage and a fence for a bee hive area from money received from members and donors. We will also provide a bursary of $4000 for underprivileged children to attend the garden. Due to the late opening of the garden this year, all membership purchased in 2017 will be valid for 2018. We will be sending out new membership cards to everyone shortly. Also, UABG has generously increased the benefits available to members of the Friends. Besides yearly passes and a half price coupon for entrance, there will be a 10% discount at the gift shop (but not for books or plants) and for classes, a $5 discount at the yearly plant sale, and early notification and discount to some garden events. Friends will also be able to attend the plant sale one hour before it is open to the public including the Mother’s Day plant sale to be held in Alice’s Greenhouse on May 12 and 13. The Friends plan to continue to host monthly walks in the Garden. A very special tour of the Aga Khan garden with Dr. Foote will be held for the Friends members only on June 24. We hope everyone will come and help make this event special. This year we had both Maggie Easton and Florence Kaplain step down from their positions on the board. We would like to thank them for their dedicated service to the Friends and will be honoring them at a later date. In closing, I first would like to thank each and every board member who have supported me and are a real joy to work with. I would like to thank Dr. Foote for the time and assistance he has donated to the Friends. I would also like to thank the garden staff who have always been there when we needed them. This year the board will be calling on our members to help us support the garden. We know we can count on you.
      7. Appointment of Auditor –Les Lesmeister to review the books for 2018.
      8. Election of Executive and Trustees –
      9. President –Gwen Holland nominated, no further nominations. Gwen voted in as President.
      10. Vice-President – Janet McLean nominated, no further nominations. Janet voted in as Vice-President.
      11. Secretary-Treasurer – Karen Raboud nominated, no further nominations. Karen voted in as Secretary-Treasurer.
      12. Trustees – to be elected for another two year term – Bruce Dancik, Lynn Bellamy, Janet McLean, Karen Raboud and Gwen Holland.
        Moved by Lee Foote and 2nd by Lynn Bellamy.


  • Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm by Lynn Bellamy and 2nd by Lee Foote.