An awesome group of grade five girls from Bishop Savaryn School had a fundraiser and donated to the Friends to use towards pollination. As migratory patterns of Monarchs are more limited to southern Canada, it was felt that promotion of other pollinators within the Garden would be a great use of proceeds from the girls hard work and big hearts.

After much discussion among the Board members, it was decided that construction of a bee house to be posted within the Garden would serve to promote our native solitary bee populations (other very important pollinator species in our environment). A home for Mason and Leafcutter bees within the Garden was born!

The Friends of the Garden are grateful to Hal Hopkins, who has taken on the construction of our bee house.

The Garden staff and the Friends are in agreement that the bee house would be best suited for the Herb Garden, so this will be our project’s new home. We are excited to have the bee house in such a well visited location. Our hope is that it will illicit lots of questions from visitors, and serve as an opportunity to educate people as to the importance of habitat for our pollinators, and the little things we can all do to contribute to this cause.

We hope to have the Monarch Girls come out to the Garden together, to see the completed project and what their hard work has been able to accomplish. Thanks girls for caring about the environment and working hard to make a difference!