Walk With Us – Aga Khan Garden Update with Dr Lee Foote

An excellent turn out of over 30 followed Dr. Lee Foote through to see the construction zone for the new Aga Khan garden that is being built at the University of Alberta Botanic Garden.  If you haven’t been to the garden in a while, you will be surprised by what has been built in the last year.  Right now it is all concrete but once that base has been finished the tile work and of course the planting will take place and it will be magnificent I think.  The participants had a lot of questions for Lee and he expertly answered them all and satisfied everyone that this was going to be a special place to see in 2018.

The Aga Khan garden is a thank you to the people of Edmonton and a place to promote culture and peace.  It is a garden for all people with all backgrounds to enjoy the same experiences and learn about other cultures.

Some participants had concerns about the use of concrete.  Lee explained that once the gardens were planted and had time to grow, the concrete would be more in the background.  There was a question on how all the concrete would survive Alberta’s weather.  There have been tests over the winter with different materials and it went well but time will tell on this.  Most of the construction will be finished before the freeze this year and then the remaining work will be done in 2018.  A lot of plants and trees had to be moved to make way for this garden but all valuable plants were moved and saved to be replanted later.  If you visit the area you will see that the Calla pond has been emptied.  This will be grated and filled to be part of the new garden.  Fruit trees will be planted on either side to be enjoyed by all.

We continued our tour on a new path and were amazed to see the amphitheatre which looks almost complete.  This beautiful outdoor theatre will hold around 300 people and will be the site of concerts and events.  Another feature that will be coming to UABG is information apps.  You will be able to use your phone to access information about art, music and culture at different spots throughout the garden.

The Friends of the Garden next event will be Sunday, September 10.  Look for more details soon.  We hope to see you there!